Air International 1980-06
J.Serrano - Iberian air cover upgraded
The F-4C(S) Phantom, in the insignia of Escuadron 122, is scheduled to give place to the FACA from about the middle of the decade.
An F-4C(S) Phantom of Escuadron 122, one of the two component Escuadrones of Ala de Caza 12 based at Torrejon.
The Mirage F1CE, in the insignia of Escuadron 141, is scheduled to remain in service with the Ejercito del Aire into the 'nineties and a total of 72 Mirage F1CE and F1BE aircraft has been ordered from France.
Mirage F1CE interceptors of Escuadron 141, currently the only operational element of Ala de Caza 14 based at Albacete
Six ex-US Navy P-3A Orion maritime surveillance aircraft equip Escuadron 221, the operational component of MATAC's Ala 22 based at Jerez.
Scheduled to be withdrawn soon are the five or so remaining Cessna O-1 Bird Dogs which are operated by MATAC's Escuadrilla 407.
Approaching the end of their career in Spanish service are elderly DHC-4A Caribou transports of Escuadron 372 at Villanubla.
The C-130H Hercules which serves with Ala de Transporte 31.
The only MATAC unit operating the SF-5A is Escuadron 211, which, together with the Super Saeta-equipped Escuadron 214, forms Ala 21 at Moron. From the mid-'eighties, the SF-5A will be supplanted by the FACA.
A single Do 28A-1 serves for liaison and other tasks with Escuadron 406 which is responsible for the certification of new military aircraft at INTA, the national aerospace research establishment.
The SAR component of the Mando Aereo de Canarias, Escuadron 802, includes in its inventory a trio of Fokker F-27-400 MPA Maritime Friendships, one of which is seen here.
The CASA-built Do 27A serves with all the Fuerza Aerea commands in the liaison role and combines this mission with AOP duties in Escuadrilla 407, one of the Do 27 As serving with this unit being seen here.
Escuadron 401 of the CGEA combines the checking and calibrating of radio-navigational aids with VIP transportation tasks, this unit's inventory including four Mystere 20s, one of which is seen, and a pair of DC-8-52s.
MATAC's Escuadron 214, one of the component squadrons of Ala 21 at Moron, is primarily equipped with the HA-220 Super Saeta, two of which are seen here, but it is anticipated that this type will give place to an armed version of the CASA C-101 Aviojet in the mid-'eighties.
A CASA C-212 Aviocar military transport in service with Spain's Ejercito del Aire.
The two most important transport aircraft types in the inventory of the Ejercito del Aire, the CASA C-212A Aviocar. seen in service with Escuadron 351 of Ala de Transporte 35
The Beech B55 Baron (background) and the Piper PA-23 Aztec currently equip a refresher unit, Escuadron 423.
Among the older aircraft types included in the inventory of the CGEA is the CASA 207 Azor, seven of which still serve with Escuadron 405 which fulfils short- to medium-range governmental transportation tasks and target-towing missions.