Air International 1980-07
??? - Jaktviggen: major boost for swedish air defence
An AJ 37 Viggen of F 15 (Halsinge Flygflottilj) based at Soderhamn in the South Norrland Military Command. F 15 comprises two divisioner (squadrons), one of which serves as the Viggen conversion unit and is equipped with the tandem two-seat SK 37.
A JA 37 Viggen of F 13 (Bravalla Flygflottilj) based at Norrkoping in the East Sweden Military Command. F 13 has three Viggen-equipped divisioner, one fulfilling the reconnaissance role with the SH 37 and the others currently working upon the JA 37. F13 received its first JA 37s during 1979 and is the first flottilj of Flygvapnet to re-equip with this second-generation version of Viggen.
An SH 37 Viggen all-weather maritime reconnaissance and attack aircraft of F 17 based at Kallinge.
Saab Scania has already produced fighter and reconnaissance versions of the Viggen and is now working on a proposed multi-role derivative. The photograph illustrate AJ 37 of F7
AJ 37 был оптимизирован для решения ударных задач, но мог эффективно решать и задачи по завоеванию господства в воздухе. В начале 1990-х годов компания "Saab" модернизировала 98 AJ 37 в многоцелевой вариант AJS 37.
A JA 37 of F13
The JA 37 Viggen, seen here at Norrkoping where F13 is currently working up on this new interceptor, possesses what is probably the best short-fieid performance of any aircraft in its category. Externally, the JA 37 differs little from the earlier AJ 37, apart from the extension of the vertical tail surfaces which it shares with the two-seat SK 37 version.
Seen above with a full complement of AAMs - two Sky Flashes on the inboard wing pylons and four Sidewinders on the outboard wing and fuselage pylons - which, with the ventral KCA cannon, endow this Viggen with considerable potency in the air-air role, the JA 37 will more than double the effectiveness of Swedish air defence. The cannon installation is so designed that a ventral fuel tank may still be carried on the centreline pylon.
Saab JA 37 Viggen
The Viggen family
The head-on view and the upper planview both depict the JA 37 Viggen. The complex four-colour camouflage pattern applied to the side and upper surfaces is standard on all versions of Viggen currently serving with Flygvapnet.