Air International 1980-07
R.Grant - Canadian yellow birds
One of the OMNAR Turbo-Beavers (C-FOEV) on skis for winter operations. It cruises at 141 mph (227 km/h) in this configuration and can operate with little trouble into extremely short, slushy lakes.
One of the unsuccessful Grumman CS2F-1 Trackers at Thunder Bay.
During 1977, seven former CAF Otters were acquired for service with the OMNR Aviation and Fire Management Branch, and were completely overhauled and restored to "better-than-new" standards. The author's photograph below shows two of the Otters heading north for two weeks of winter aerial survey during their first year of service.
An Otter with integral float tanks carrying 220 Imp gal (1000 l) of water photographed during trials at St Petersburg, Florida.
C-FOPI is one of the service's three Twin Otters, photographed at Sioux Lookout during a "fireflap". Wheels are attached to the floats to allow these aircraft to taxi up the ramps under their own power for routine maintenance.
One of the original OPAS Curtiss HS-2Ls at Orient Bay. Timber baulks have been positioned to allow the Liberty engine to be removed for overhaul.