Air International 1980-11
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Mirage F1CE of Escuadron 141 (Ala de Caza 14) of Spain's Ejercito del Aire based at Albacete, and (left) the emblem of Ala 14. The Mirage F1CE is scheduled to remain in service with the Air Combat Command (MACOM) of the Fuerza Aerea throughout the 'eighties.
Mirage F1CZ of No 3 Sqdn, South African Air Force Strike Command, based at Waterkloof, and (left) the emblem of No 3 Sqdn. The Mirage F1CZ entered SAAF service in 1974, having since been supplemented by the Mirage F1AZ for the air-ground role.
Mirage F1CH of the Royal Maroc Air Force (Al Quwwat Aljawwiya Almalakiya Marakishiya). Deliveries of the Mirage F1CH to Morocco commenced mid-1978, with the last of 50 (including several two-seat Mirage F1BHs) being accepted recently, some of these being in storage and the remainder being operated by two squadrons.
Mirage F1CG of the 114a Pterighe (Wing) of the Hellenic Air Force (Elliniki Aeroporia) at Tanagra, this Wing comprising the 342 and 346 Mire (squadrons) each with 16 aircraft plus reserves.
Mirage F1JA of the Escuadrilla de Caccia of the Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana, 16 aircraft (plus two two-seat Mirage F1JBs) having been delivered to Ecuador from early 1979.
Mirage F1C of the Escadron 2/5 Ile de France (5e Escadre de Chasse) of the Armee de l'Air at Orange, this being illustrated in the standard CAFDA (Commandement Air des Forces de Defence Aerienne) air superiority finish.
Mirage F1CK of Kuwaiti Air Force.
The details of Mirage F1Cs shown above are applicable (top, left to right) No 9 (30-MF) of 2/30 Normandie-Niemen; No 81 (12-ZC) of 2/12 Cornouaille (with reverse of vertical tail immediately below); No 54 (12-YH) of 1/12 Cambresis (with reverse below); No 19 (5-NQ) of 1/5 Vendee (with reverse below), and (left, bottom) No 28 (30-FF) of 3/30 Lorraine.
(left) The upper surfaces of Mirage F1CE C.14-4, and (right) the upper surfaces of Mirage F1C 5-OC.