Air International 2013-02
The Mi-8's service life is set at 35 years, with prospects for an extension to 40 years.
Heli Air currently has a fleet of four Mi-8Ps. These are expected to be good for at least seven to ten more years of operations.
Heli Air's rotary-wing fleet includes only passenger derivatives of the Mi- 8. They are converted for cargo transport or under-slung work as required.
Mi-8 LZ-CAV wearing UN Humanitarian Air Service titles in a typical Sudanese environment.
Additional equipment has been added to the older Mi-8PS to meet mandatory ICAO requirements for international operations in VFR conditions to support UN missions in Africa. These include weather radar and a new mode-S transponder.
Heli Air has used its Mi-8s and Mi-17s for the fire-fighting role. This shot shows an internal tank and plumbing used to carry and dispense fire retardant.
A NH90 Caiman of the newly-recreated Flottille 31F takes VIPs to HMS Bulwark during the joint VIP day at the end of the exercise.
Hyeres Naval Air Station was extremely busy during the last few days of Corsican Lion. Here, a Flottille 31F NH90 is towed back towards a hangar while a French Super Puma waits to pick up VIPs.
With HMS Northumberland in the background, this Flottille 4F E-2C Hawkeye is shot-off from the Charles de Gaulle's waist catapult.
One of the four An-12s operated by Heli Air until March 2007. Three were sold following the ban on An-12 operations in Bulgaria. The fourth resides in front of Heli Air's hangar at Sofia Airport.
First flight of an L-410UVP-E20 fitted with a GE H80 engine at Kunovice on November 16, 2011.
The L-410 has proved to be the right aircraft for Heli Air. It is remarkably robust and affordable to operate and maintain in austere African conditions.
The current L-410 UVP-E20 is powered with GE M601E engines.
The Kunovice factory has a new paint shop.
The GE H80 engine was test flown for the first time fitted to L-410UVP-E20 OK-LEK at Kunovice on November 16, 2011.
Milling a wing component for the first L-410 NG prototype.
L-410s on the assembly line at the LET Aircraft Industries' plant at Kunovice in the Czech Republic.
A Heli Air L-410's cockpit during maintenance work.
New features on the L-410 NG
A Sea King HC4 comes in to land on HMS Bulwark.
Mi-8MTV-1 LZ-CDT delivers humanitarian supplies in Pakistan in the mid-2000s.
A Heli Air Mi-8MTV supplies humanitarian aid at remote mountain location in Pakistan.
In the past Heli Air has subcontracted Mi-8s, Mi-8MTV-1s and Mi-17s for fire-fighting work in Turkey and Portugal.
This RAF Chinook is about to lift-off from the deck of the Charles de Gaulle.
All five A400M built to date perform a 'Grizzly Walk' at Toulouse.
Two foldable head-up displays (HUD) provide flight guidance during critical mission phases, such as landing at unequipped airfields.
A400M EC-402 MSN2, the second flight test aircraft was handed over to Airbus Military's flight test department in Seville on March 6, 2010.
A400M EC-402 MSN2 seen at Kiruna in northern Sweden, in early 2011, during cold-soak trials.
Airbus Military uses some fancy covers to tether the A400M's propellers.
Рабочие места летчиков
The A400M's glass cockpit is designed to the Airbus 'dark cockpit' philosophy where no annunciator lights are illuminated during normal operations.
An Armee de l'Air Super Puma of EH 1/44 'Solenzara' was drafted in to provide transportation during the VIP and press days and the end of Corsican Lion.
Hyeres Naval Air Station was extremely busy during the last few days of Corsican Lion. Here, a Flottille 31F NH90 is towed back towards a hangar while a French Super Puma waits to pick up VIPs.
Germanwings has launched a new brand and livery combining its existing blackberry colour with Lufthansa's yellow and the 'double checked' logo on the tail.
Type 23 frigate HMS Northumberland was integrated into the Charles de Gaulle task group.
A Rafale about to catch the wire. Frigates HMS Northumberland and Jean de Vienne are closely following the Charles de Gaulle.
On board the Charles de Gaulle, a Rafale had been fitted with six GBU-12 laser-guided bombs, four Mica air-to-air missiles and two 2,000-litre drop tanks to show the type's hard hitting capabilities.