Aeroplane Monthly 1981-06
J.Perrott - Handling the Vampire
English Electric-built Vampire F.III VF345.
Line up of Vampire F.3s at North Weald in 1950.
На снимке - самолет Vampire FB.Mk 5. Схема с двумя хвостовыми балками помогает свести к минимуму потери тяги, используя максимально короткое реактивное сопло.
Vampire F.B.Mk 5 VV217 later used for trial installation of Sea Vixen nose wheel steering.
No. 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, Vampires F.B.Mk 5s WA432 "D", WA434 "E", VZ848 "S" and VZ864 "G" in formation, April 1954. Squadron markings consisted of a light blue/roundel red chequerboard pattern, flanked top and bottom by horizontal bars of dark navy blue. Camouflage had just begun to be applied, WA434 being in non-standard scheme
Vampire F.B.Mk 5s armed with 3-inch rockets.
The D.H.115 Vampire T.Mk 11 became the RAF’s standard advanced trainer in February 1952.