Air International 1981-04
??? - Libya's Air Power ... National Aspiration and Soviet Surrogation
Another combat aircraft in the LARAF inventory manned exclusively by seconded V-VS personnel is the MiG-25 Foxbat-A interceptor which is also operated from Okba Ben Nafi in regimental strength, together with a reconnaissance squadron of -Bs and -Ds.
Экспортные МиГ-25П/ПД поставлялись Алжиру, Ливии (на фотографии), Ираку и Сирии. Фактически это были гибридные модификации, в которых планер МиГ-25ПД сочетался с РЛС и рядом систем от МиГ-25П. Теплопеленгаторы на экспортных самолетах не ставились.
A LARAF MiG-25 Foxbat-A interceptor toting AA-6 Acrid AAMs photographed over the Mediterranean by an aircraft from the US Navy's 6 th Fleet. Type is based primarily at the Okba Ben Nafi AB.
A LARAF Dassault-Breguet Mirage F1AD, deliveries of 16 of which were completed some 18 months ago to equip one attack squadron, reportedly based at El Adem, near Tobruk.
Ливия заказала 38 машин F1, включая 16 F1ED. Эти самолеты предназначены для решения задач ПВО, но имеют и ограниченные ударные возможности. На практике эта возможность использовалась в 1980 году в войне против Чада, где ливийские Mirage могли столкнуться с французскими F1, развернутыми в этом регионе. К 2009 году весь парк ливийских самолетов находился в нелетном состоянии, но считается, что часть машин еще можно отремонтировать.
The Mirage F1ED strike interceptor which equips one LARAF squadron.
One of the eight SA 321M Super Frelon helicopters acquired by LARAF from Aerospatiale, several of which are now reportedly equipped to launch A 244 lightweight homing torpedoes.
One of the SA 316B Alouette III helicopters supplied to the Libyan Army. Some Libyan Alouette IIIs are fitted with periscopic sights and have launch rails for anti-armour missiles.
One of the first V-VS-manned units to be assigned to the LARAF was a squadron of Blinder-A bombers, which, together with several Blinder-D conversion trainers, share the Obka Ben Nafi Air Base. The Blinders saw operational use in Chad last year, flying a number of sorties against the capital, N'djamena, and other targets.
The MiG-23 Flogger-E has figured in at least two defections by LARAF pilots, the most recent on 11 February, this type, together with the Flogger-F currently equipping the equivalent of four LARAF squadrons.
The Sukhoi Su-20 Fitter-H tactical fighter is one of the most recent additions to the LARAF inventory, although all aircraft of this type are reportedly flown by seconded V-VS personnel. There are believed to be some 30 Fitter-F and -H versions of the Su-20 equipping a fighter-bomber regiment at Okba Ben Nafi Air Base, and deliveries of the Su-20 to Libya are continuing.
A LARAF Su-20 Fitter-H tactical fighter with AA-2 IR-homing Atoll AAMs on the inboard wing pylons. Type is based primarily at the Okba Ben Nafi AB.
The Dassault-Breguet Mirage 5D first began to enter service with the LARAF 10 years ago, 58 examples of this ground attack fighter being supplemented by 32 Mirage 5DEs with a more sophisticated nav/attack system. Attrition has been heavy, mostly as a result of accidents, and several were lost in Egyptian attacks on El Adem Air Base mid-1977.
The Aeritalia G.222T, a Libyan-sponsored Tyne-engined development of this sturdy and highly-capable Italian general-purpose transport, is scheduled to begin to enter the LARAF inventory later this year.