Air International 1981-08
R.Braybrook - New roles for the F-15 Eagle
An F-15A, fully armed with Sparrow and Sidewinder AAMs and carrying a 600-US gal (2 723-1) centreline drop tank, in the markings of the 32nd TFS, based at Soesterberg, Netherlands. The F-15A has now been superseded by the F-15C, with increased internal fuel and provision for carrying FAST Packs.
The first F-15J arriving at the JASDF base at Gifu on 27 March 1981. It had been handed over to the JASDF at St Louis on 15 July 1980 and with the second aircraft (02-8802) had been used for a development programme until early this year, being ferried to Kadena Air Base on 1 March, 1981.
The first F-15J arriving at the JASDF base at Gifu on 27 March 1981.
A test-firing of an AIM-7F Advanced Sparrow missile from an F-15
A salvo of bombs leaving the wing pylons of an F-15 that retains four Sparrows on the fuselage corner mounts.
McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle
Three-view drawing of the McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle with (top right) an additional side view of the F-15D.
Опытный истребитель F-15B AFCD "Страйк Игл"
The private-venture Strike Eagle all-weather interdiction development of the McDonnell Douglas F-15 seen with conformal fuel tanks and 22 500-lb (226,8-kg) Mk 82 bombs.
The Strike Eagle in flight
The Strike Eagle at take-off. This prototype, first flown a year ago at St Louis, is a converted F-15B two-seater with the FAST Pack conformal fuel tanks on the fuselage, modified radar and an extended range of possible external weapon loads. The proposed production version for the USAF is likely to be designated F-15E.
The Strike Eagle prototype, now designated F-15E landing at the Farnborough 80 air display without weapons
The Strike Eagle prototype, now designated F-15E in the static park with an impressive array of possible external stores, including in the foreground Matra Durandal missiles.
This two-seat F-15B has recently embarked upon a 15-month test programme at Edwards AFB to develop an Integrated Flight Fire Control (IFFC) under the designation Firefly III. It is carrying ATLIS II (the Automatic Tracking Laser Illumination System, the optical sensor/tracker pod is visible on the port forward missile position).