Air International 1981-08
??? - AMX: Italo-Brazilian Bantam Battler
Another view of the engineering mock-up of AMX showing clearly the enlarged vertical surfaces recently adopted and the obliquely-angled breakline on the rear fuselage indicating the detachable portion (complete with tailplane and a portion of the vertical surfaces) to facilitate engine maintenance and removal.
A wind tunnel model of AMX under test in Turin during intake geometry studies. This model is not representative of the definitive wing or tail geometry.
These photographs of a recent model of AMX in the insignia of the Forca Aerea Brasileira show the latest configuration, with enlarged tail and cockpit canopy, and intake splitter plates deleted.
A photographic montage of a model of AMX equipped with Kormoran anti-shipping missiles on the inboard wing pylons. This version is expected to have full search and tracking radar, but is unlikely to be available much before the end of the decade, initial production aircraft having a simple range-only radar system.
The engineering mock-up of AMX photographed earlier this year in the Corso Marche factory of Aeritalia. At this stage, the boundary layer splitter plates had still to be discarded and the fairing on the port lower side of the nose for the M61A-1 rotary cannon was the subject of some redesign.