Flight 1921-06
LONDON-PARIS FROM THE AIR: Off to Paris. A snap, taken on board a Handley Page aeroplane, when in flight for Paris, of pilot Lieut. Macintosh and his engineer.
Two views of the altered Dornier Cs.II: The alteration to the front of the hull is clearly visible in these views, which give a good idea of the steps. A description of this machine was published in our issue of April 21,1921. We understand that Van Berkels of Rotterdam have obtained the agency for this machine in Holland.
Lord Leverhulme Uses London-Paris Air Route: Our picture shows Lord Leverhulme descending from the Instone D.H.18 (Napier "Lion"), which is doing such good service on the London-Paris Air route. Lord Leverhulme constantly travels to and from the Continent by air.
A batch of Avros recently delivered to the Belgian Government by air.
THE ANSALDO A-300 C COMMERCIAL BIPLANE: Three-quarter front view.
THE ANSALDO A-300 C COMMERCIAL BIPLANE: View of the passengers' cabin.
THE ANSALDO A-300 C COMMERCIAL BIPLANE: Three-quarter rear view.
Ansaldo A-300C Commercial biplane 300 hp FIAT
FLYING IN "THE ISLAND": On Thursday of last week the Brompton Motor Company inaugurated joyriding in the Isle of Wight, where they will continue during the summer. The photograph on the left shows two of the machines on the sands between Ryde and Seaview, and on the right are seen, standing by the D.H. 6, Lieut.-Col. A. T. C. Veasey, and Capt. R. E. Dean, the latter one of the pilots of the firm.
The Klemin Amphibious Gear: Sketch showing general appearance of the gear fitted to a Curtiss MF flying boat.