Air International 1981-12
K.Hayes, E.Power - Ravens on the Cap
The C-130D 70493, a star of the International Air Tattoo at Greenham Common in 1979, seen by the authors at Sondrestrom.
Framed by low cloud hanging over Sondrestrom, another Raven mission to one of the ice-cap radar sites gets under way, while Raven 84 waits on the ramp. Rapidly-changing weather conditions on the ice-cap add to the difficulties of the re-supply operation.
Visible vortices spin from the propellers of a Raven C-130 as it makes an early-morning take-off from Sondrestrom.
Hercules 70494, with skis, is de-iced on a cold clear morning at Sondrestrom.
Raven 94 climbs out against the background of the sheer cliff face.
Raven 94 departs Sondrestrom Air Base for the ice-cap
Raven 92, the C-130D-6 serial 70492, alongside DYE II during the off-loading of fuel, by means of gravity feed, into underground storage tanks: note that the engines are kept running throughout.
A head-on view of the C-130 on ice emphasizes the uneven nature of the terrain typical of the ice-cap.
A night out in the open at Sondrestrom leaves a covering of snow and ice on the Hercules, which will have to be removed before flying begins.
The Lockheed C-130D-6 70484, minus skis, taxies out at Goose Bay for a departure to HalI Beach, NWT, to service the Canadian DEW-line sites.
The view from the flight deck of a Hercules on short finals to runway 29 at Sondrestrom AB.