Aeroplane Monthly 1982-04
V.Hodgkinson - Water Wings
Supermarine Singapore III, K4579, moored in the Solent.
An unidentified Singapore III lifts off from the Solent.
Seagull V A2-7 in one piece, shortly before engine failure
A Seagull V thrashes through the water on take-off.
The cockpit of the Seagull V.
Seagull V A2-7. Engine failure reduced it to the condition illustrated
Supermarine Southampton A11-2 prepares to leave with two parachutists positioned on special platforms on the lower wing tips.
Supermarine Southampton A11-2 photographed just before the parachutists were yanked from their perches, high above Point Cook.
Another view of the Southampton A11-2 off Point Cook.
The RAAF D.H.60 Gipsy Moth float­plane A7-111.