Air International 1982-02
Model enthusiast
A Bf 110G-2 of 12./NJG 3 operating from Stavanger, Norway, early 1945
A Bf 110G-2 of 5./ZG 76 based at Grossenhain in the winter of 1943-44. Note emphasis of forest green dapple on upper surfaces.
A Bf 110G-4 of 7./NJG 4 flying in the nocturnal defence of North-West Germany during 1943-44.
A Bf 110G-4 of 8./NJG 3 sporting "Shark's Mouth" decoration
A Bf 110C-4B of 5./ZG 1, the Wespen Geschwader, in the Caucasus in October 1942.
A Bf 110D-3 (M8+GM) of 4./ZG 76 flying in support of Iraqi forces from Raschid, May 1941. Note crudely overpainted fuselage.
A Bf 110C-2 of l/ZG 52 operating from Charleville during the "Battle of France" in June 1940.
A Bf 110C-3 of 6./ZG 76 with "Shark's Mouth’' decoration.