Air International 1982-03
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Контейнеры Texas Instruments AN/AAR-4S с ИК-системой переднего обзора интегрировали на A-7E в 1977 году. Контейнер массой 327 кг подвешивался на правый внутренний подкрыльевой пилон и обеспечивал выполнение полетов и атак на малых высотах в условиях ограниченной видимости.
An A-7E serving with VA-192, the “Golden Dragons" and (below) a pair of A-7Es of VA-146 "Blue Diamonds", each carrying a FLIR pod on the underwing pylon.
After hostilities ended in Vietnam, the 3rd TFS, 388th TFW, operated A-7Ds from Korat in Thailand, where this picture was taken.
The first example of the A-7D, the USAF variant of the Corsair II, flown on 6 April 1968. On this variant and the A-7E, a single multi-barrel gun to port (note the small bulge) replaced a pair of single-barrel guns, a small conditioning air intake in the nose air scoop replacing the cannon on the starboard side.
A-7As of VA-147 ranged on the fantail of the USS Ranger during catapulted launch and arrested landing practice; this was the first squadron to operate the Corsair in Vietnam.
As A-7Bs followed A-7As off the production line, the size of the Corsair II inventory in the US Navy grew steadily. These A-7Bs are seen in service with VA-15, flying from the USS Franklin D Roosevelt.
These A-7Bs are seen in service with VA-72, flying from the USS John F Kennedy.
Four A-7As of VA-27 fly over the USS Constellation in the Gulf of Tonkin after a strike in Vietnam.
The A-7C, the last of 67 examples of which is shown below serving with VA-82.
The first prototype A-7A Corsair II, flying "clean". As well as three prototypes, several early production A-7As were devoted to trial tasks.
The Air Group commander's A-7A attached to VA-147 while operating from USS Ranger, with colour bands on the rudder representing all the Air Group squadrons.
Another example of the pictorial markings carried by many Corsair squadrons - the sidewinder of FA-86, on an A-7A carrying Snakeye bombs.
The first A-7A delivered to a West Coast squadron, which went to VA-122 for training duties.
An A-7A in service with VA-174, the first fleet squadron to receive the Corsair II in its role of carrier replacement air wing squadron at Cecil Field.
The A-7A No 2, with Sidewinder AAMs on the fuselage pylons.
Carrying a mixture of bombs and wing tanks, this A-7D bears the markings of the 354th TFW, the only unit to fly the type in Vietnam.
A-7A No 3, with 24 bombs disposed on six wing pylons.
A pair of A-7Bs from VA-215 flying over Mt Etna, Sicily, while operating from the USS Franklin D Roosevelt in the Mediterranean.
A West Coast squadron later became known as the Corsair College, as advertised by a large red slogan on the fuselage. Home base is NAS Lemore, California.
A-7A No 7 accelerates down the steam catapult for an early trials launch. Note the extreme angle of the variable incidence tailplane, to help get the nose up quickly.