Air International 1982-10
??? - A big lifter from Bell
One of the Bell 214ST prototypes during pre-certification demonstration flying.
The original twin-engined conversion of the short-fuselage Belt 214A.
In Petroleum Helicopters colours, this is the first Bell 214ST delivered to a customer. One of the largest helicopter operators in the world. PHI now has two in service, with more on order.
The Bell 214ST can fulfil a number of roles of potential interest to military operators, and has already been delivered to the Venezuelan Air Force as a troop and supply transport. A 214ST in military dress is shown in this pre-delivery photograph. Later examples of the helicopter will have the option of a wheeled undercarriage in place of skids.
For development of the 214ST, Bell built three prototypes, one of which was used for extensive demonstration flights in many parts of the world, with a distinctive livery emphasising the "ST, Supertrans" name, as this photograph shows. The prototypes did not have the bowed cabin doors later adopted to increase the interior shoulder width.
Bell 214ST