Aeroplane Monthly 1983-02
General Dynamics F-16 of the 4th Fighter Sqn, from Hill AFB, Utah, photographed on March 19, 1981 by PAUL CRICKMORE
Air Center Aviation's T-6, photographed in October 1978 by FRANK B. MORMILLO
Bristol Bulldog IIA K1085, photographed by CHARLES SIMS of The Aeroplane. K1085 flew with Nos 17 and 19 Sqns before being struck off RAF charge on October 20, 1930.
Призраки Скултропа. Благодаря особым отношениям между США и Великобританией, было сформировано одно из самых секретных подразделений Королевских ВВС. Поставленные ВВС США RB-45C Tornado с английскими экипажами действовали с авиабазы Скултроп в Норфолке и совершали разведывательные полеты вглубь территории СССР, чтобы получить радиолокационные изображения местности, которые позднее могли использовать штурманы и бомбардиры американского САК. В целях обеспечения секретности Tornado несли опознавательные знаки британских ВВС.
The photograph shows four RB-45c Tornadoes at Sculthorpe together with their mixed RAF and US crews. I think the pilots and navigators were RAF and the remainder American. They were used for the clandestine photography of potential targets the other side of the Iron Curtain. Russian maps available at this time were very poor and it was essential to know the target’s exact position before any ICBM could be programmed. The Tornado operated from Sculthorpe and was flight-refuelled from a KB-29P just before it entered East German territory. At first the aeroplanes were flown in USAAF markings - when I visited Sculthorpe in January, 1952, they were all complete with stars etc. (Incidentally there were B-45A-5s and B-45cs also there, which I was allowed to inspect but the RB-45 was still considered secret.) Soon after this the RAF markings were applied but no serial numbers were allocated.
A closer view of the cockpit area, where panels have been cut out to accommodate windows to enable the public to view the interior of the boat from an external gallery.
Spitfire Mk XIV G-MXIV after roll-out at Cranfield on November 26, 1982.
Short Sunderland V Excalibur VIII emerges from the Solent on December 13, 1982. The boat will remain at Calshot until April this year. The beaching was carried out by men from the REME at Marchwood, led by Warrant Officer Ray Bevan.
Lindsay Walton's Nord 1002 Pingouin G-ATBG, photographed by RICHARD WILSON. The aircraft was previously registered in France as F-BGVX, F-OTAN-5 and F-BGVX again, before appearing on the British register in February 1965.
Piper J3C Cub HB-ELI photographed in Switzerland in October 1982 by E. GANDET
Kingsford Smith’s Lockheed Altair in its original form, as X118W Anzac. After registration as VH-USB the Altair took up the British marks G-ADUS for the England-Australia record attempt.
THE SKYCRAFT/FLYLITE Super Scout 250 Monoplane. A superb light aircraft for the sporting pilot, full 3 axis control via a conventional layout. Car topable for transport rigs and drigs in under 15 minutes
Powered by a 4,000 h.p. Pratt & Whitney R-4360 28-cylinder radial, the Budweiser Light Vought-Goodyear F2G Corsair bears little resemblance to any other Corsair. With cut down wings and cockpit streamlining, owners Steve Hinton and Jim Maloney, both directors of the California-based Planes of Fame Museum based at Chino Air­port, hope to make an attempt on the time-to-climb record for piston aircraft currently held by an F8F Bearcat. In addition, the aircraft is scheduled to compete in this year's top air racing events.