Aeroplane Monthly 1983-02
L.Curtis - Flying for all
'Jump start' by C.30A G-ACWF on Hounslow Heath, July 1936 with H A Marsh piloting.
Half a dozen Cierva C.30s were used by the CAG and those that survived were impressed into RAF service. Twelve were to survive the war but none are flying today.
The D.H.87 Hornet Moth was a popular Civil Air Guard type.
During 1939 production of the D.H.94 Moth Minor reached eight per week. Only two were used by the Civil Air Guard.
Geoffrey Wikner stands by his prototype Foster Wikner Wicko, G-AENU.
View of the licence-built Czech Praga E.114, 30 of which were built by the Manchester firm of F. Hills and Sons Ltd. Main users of the type was the Northern Aviation School and Club Ltd at Barton.
Though a British Klemm Swallow is seen here, the Civil Air Guard used more than 40 Pobjoy Cataract or Cirrus Minor-powered B.A. Swallows.
This side by side, two seat Piper Cub Coupe is seen flying at Hanworth in 1939 and was the first of 24 to be imported to Britain from the USA. Many were used on Civil Air Guard flying.
Another popular Civil Air Guard type was the Avro Cadet. G-ACFH was a three-seater and the prototype Avro 640 Cadet.
Currie Wot 2 G-AFDS was built in 1937 by Cinque Ports Aviation Ltd at Lympne and was destroyed there during an air raid in May 1940.
Though the Spartan Arrow was produced during 1930/1 eight were used by the Civil Air Guard during 1939.
This Taylorcraft Plus C was operated by the Romford Flying Club at May lands in 1939.