Air International 1983-09
P.Jackson - Ocean Safari ...
A Buccaneer of No 12 Squadron carrying the TV Airborne Trainer (TV AT) pod wider the starboard wing, AN/ALQ-101 ECM to port and practice bomb carriers under both wings.
A close-up of the TV AT on a Buccaneer
One of the two NATO-operated Boeing E-3As, participating in a major NATO exercise for the first time.
Resident at St Mawgan, No 42 Squadron continues to fly Nimrod MR Mk Is, while the three squadrons at Kinloss all now fly MR Mk 2s. This photograph shows one of the Mk Is.
A Nimrod MK Mk I in service with No 45 Squadron at St Mawgan.
“El Coyote", photographed here at St Mawgan during "Ocean Safari", is the Lockheed RP-3A BuNo 149667, used for a variety of research and investigation tasks in "Project Seascan" by the US Naval Oceanographic Office.
Lockheed P-3C BuNo 159889, at St Mawgan, was the first of the Update III Orions, and was being operated by VX-1 from Patuxent River to evaluate the range of modernising modifications.
Among the aircraft operating from RAF St Mawgan during "Ocean Safari" way the unique Hercules W Mk 2, engaged in meteorological research.
Canberra T Mk 17s of No 360 Squadron flew from Landivisiau, France, during the exercise.
Possibly operating in a major exercise for the last time were the Shackleton AEW Mk 2s of No 8 Squadron. Soon to be replaced by Nimrod AEW Mk 3s, they are the RAF's last piston-engined aircraft in the front line.