Air International 1984-03
The fenestron of the HH-65A Dolphin (above) has fewer blades but a larger diameter than that of the standard Twin Dauphin (below).
Among the Argentinian losses in the Falklands that could not be disputed were these two Agusta A 109s (above, AE331, and below, AE334) both of which were in airworthy condition when captured and were later returned to the UK.
Two Shorts Skyvans were destroyed on the ground in the Falklands while in service with the Coast Guard. They included PA-50, here seen in Canada during its delivery.
This full-scale mock-up of the Bell 400 (above) showed the definitive shape of the Ring Guard tail rotor (below).
Soloy Conversions Ltd has added the Cessna 207 to its series of fixed-wing conversions to feature the Allison 250 Turbine Pac installation. First flight was made at Olympia, Washington, on 14 January, 1984. The Soloy Turbine Pac, already flown in the Cessna 185, 206 and 210, makes use of the 420 shp Allison 250-C20A which was certificated by the FAA on 30 December 1983.
J AD McCurdy's Silver Dart making the first flight in Canada, at Baddeck in Nova Scotia in 1909.
Enstrom displayed its new Model 280FX (above) featuring a number of refinements including endplate fins on the tailplane (below).