Air International 1984-03
Fighter A to Z
Intended primarily for the escort role, the La-11 was the last of the Lavochkin line of piston-engined fighters.
The La-9 possessed a close family resemblance to the La-7, but was structurally an entirely new design.
The La-150, the first prototype of which is illustrated, was designed to compete with the MiG-9 and Yak-15, only five examples being completed.
Ла-160 стал первым в СССР самолетом со стреловидным крылом, конструкция и компоновка Ла-160 были аналогичны Ла-152.
The first Soviet jet fighter prototype to utilise wing sweepback, the La-160, exceeded Mach=0.9 when fitted with a reheated turbojet.
The La-152 bore no design relationship to the La-150, essentially similar prototypes being the La-154 and La-156.