Aeroplane Monthly 1985-11
H.Morris - The Barnstormer's Apprentice (1)
A wing-walker does his stuff atop Northern Air Transport’s Avro 504K G-ABAV in 1930.
Ground engineers tinkering with an Avro 504K, in this case G-ABAA. It is chocked up ready for starting - the prop-swinger is standing on the wheel and telling the front cockpit occupant where the taps are.
Silver and red NAT Avro 504K at Barton in 1932.
Silver and blue NAT Avro 504K G-ABLL at Barton in 1932.
Northern Air Lines' D.H.50A G-EBQI was built in 1927. Powered by a 230 h.p. Siddeley Puma, the aircraft was painted blue and silver. This photograph was taken before its acquisition by NAL.
The Northern Air Lines Puma-engined D.H.50A G-EBQI at Barton in 1931.
Northern Air Transport's blue and silver D.H.60X Moth, G-EBRI, photographed at Barton in September 1932. In December 1939 'RI was impressed into the RAF as X5128.
Peter Eckersley’s red-decked silver Avro Avian IV G-AABX. Based at Barton for several years, 'BX was impressed into RAF service during the war as an instructional airframe.
F. J. V. Holmes' D.H.53 G-EBHX at Barton in 1930. This was the “small flat-twin engined low-wing monoplane” which the author discovered in a neglected corner of the hangar. The aircraft is now with the Shuttleworth Collection.