Jane's All the World Aircraft 1976
03 - Sailplanes
Bede BD-5S, a single-seat glider version of the well-known BD-5 and BD-5J powered aircraft
Let L-13 Blanik tandem two-seat all-metal sailplane
Schweizer SGS 2-33 two-seat general-purpose sailplane
Fournier RF-9 two-seat powered training sailplane
Glaser-Dirks DG-100, production sailplane developed from the Akaflieg Darmstadt D-38
Schleicher K 8C single-seat training and sporting sailplane
Grob Astir CS single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Sportavia RF5B Sperber, developed from the RF5, with cut-down rear fuselage
SZD-38 Jantar-1 Open Class sailplane, first series-built all-plastics Polish sailplane
SZD-41 Jantar Standard single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Pilatus B4-PC11 single-seat Standard Class sailplane
ICA-Brasov IS-28 tandem two-seat training sailplane
IS-29B single-seat Standard Class sailplane produced by ICA-Brasov
IS-29D single-seat Standard Class sailplane produced by ICA-Brasov
IS-28B tandem two-seat high-performance training sailplane
IS-29G, club version ot this design by Dipl Ing Silimon, with 16.5 m span all-metal wings
SZD-45 Ogar side-by-side two-seat powered training sailplane
Scheibe SF-25B (SF-25C-S ???) Falke side-by-side two-seat powered sailplane
British-registered Scheibe SF-28 Tandem-Falke powered sailplane
Modified propeller and exhaust silencer fitted to SF-25C
Scheibe SF-25E Super-Falke motor glider, with increased wing span
Caproni Vizzola Calif A-21 two-seat high-performance sailplane
A-21J version of the Calif, powered by a 202 Ib st Microturbo TRS 18 turbojet engine
PIK-20 single-seat glassfibre Standard Class sailplane
LS1-f single-seat Standard Class sailplane, developed from the LS1-c
Schweizer SGS 1-34 single-seat high-performance Standard Class sailplane
Schweizer SGS 1-35 single-seat high-performance 15 metre all-metal sailplane
Schweizer SGS 2-32 two/three-seat high-performance sailplane
Schneider ES 60B Super Arrow Series 2 single-seat sailplane
Fauvel AV.222 side-by-side two-seat powered sailplane
Wassmer WA 28 Espadon, developed from the WA 26 Squale with all-plastics wings
Akaflieg Darmstadt D-39 single-seat powered sailplane
Glasflugel 205 Club Libelle single-seat Standard Class sailplane
19 metre version of the Glasflugel Kestrel, built by Slingsby as the T.59D
Start + Flug H 101 Salto, based on the Glasflugel Standard Libelle
Glasflugel 206 Hornet prototype 15 metre competition sailplane
Scheibe Bergfalke-IV two-seat training and competition sailplane
Scheibe Bergfalke-IV fitted with two Lloyd engines by the Detmold Aero Club Flying Training School
LCA-11 production version of the Topaze single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Scheibe SF-30 Club-Spatz single-seat club sailplane
Scheibe SF-27M single-seat powered sailplane with engine retracted
Scheibe SF-27M single-seat powered sailplane with engine partially extended
KS-II Kartik single-seat high-performance sailplane in its current form
SZD-9bis Bocian 1E tandem two-seat general-purpose sailplane
Neukom Super-Elfe AN-66C high-performance sailplane
Bryan (Schreder) RS-15 single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Briegleb BG 12A single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Briegleb BG 12-16 single-seat high-performance sailplane
Flight Dynamics Seasprite, Stage I version of the Flightsail VII, with sailwing
Aero Saladillo Lenticular single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Brditschka HB-21 two-seat powered sailplane developed from the HB-3
The silent Militky Brditschka MB-E1 during its 9-minute maiden flight on October 21, 1973. Power is provided by a standard Bosch. 10kw electric motor and Varta batteries, giving 13 h.p.
Brditschka HB-3R single-seat powered sailplane
EEUFMG CB-2 Minuano single-seat sailplane
IPE KW 2 Bigua tandem two-seat training sailplane
IPE KW 1 b 2 Quero Quero II single-seat all-wood training sailplane
Project 8 Dolphin tandem two-seat powered sailplane
CERVA CE.75 Silene side-by-side two-seat training sailplane
Geiser Moto Delta G.10 ultra-light homebuilt powered glider, with Rogallo wing
GEP TCV-03 Trucavaysse single-seat sailplane, intended for amateur construction
Jacquet J.15-36 Aiglon single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Jacquet J.15-38 single-seat sailplane
Menin BM 1 prototype single-seat 15 metre sailplane
The Focke-Wulf Kranich fitted by Herr Eduard Schappert with a 35 hp engine
Schempp-Hirth Nimbus II high-performance Open Class sailplane
Schempp-Hirth Janus two-seat all-glassfibre training sailplane
Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus single-seat high-performance sailplane
Schempp-Hirth-built Cirrus single-seat high-performance sailplane
Schleicher ASW 17 Super Orchidee single-seat high-performance Open Class sailplane
Schleicher ASW 15 B single-seat glassfibre sailplane
Schleicher ASK 16 two-seat powered sailplane (68 hp Limbach 1700 EB 1 engine) (72 hp Limbach SL 1700 EBI engine)
Siebert Sie 3 single-seat wooden-construction Standard Class sailplane
Start + Flug Hippie ultra-light glider
HS-II Mrigasheer single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Tainan Mita III two-seat training and sporting sailplane
Tainan TN-1 (F5) single-seat sailplane
Model (without cockpit canopy) of the Takatori ST-1 Hawk-1 single-seat flying-boat glider
SZD-30A Pirat single-seat Standard Class sailplane, which has been in production since 1967
A Berkshire Concept 70 glassfibre Standard Class sailplane about to land
Briegleb BG 6 sailplane; BG 7 wing planform shown in dotted line
Explorer PG-1 Aqua Glider built by Sr Fernando de A. Botelho of Sao Paulo and first flown in 1974
Laister LP-15 Nugget single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Miller Tern single-seat sailplane built by Mr Alex Stuart of Phoenix, Arizona
Miller Tern II built by Mr Charles Wieland of Huntington Beach, California
BRO-16 single-seat waterborne training glider
Oshkinis BRO-11M single-seat basic training glider, landplane predecessor of the BRO-16
VTC-Vrsac SSV-17 prototype two-seat powered sailplane (60 hp Franklin 2A-120-A engine)
Schleicher ASK 13 tandem two-seat training and high-performance sailplane
SZD-36A Cobra 15 single-seat high-performance Standard Class sailplane
Three-view drawing of the IS-28B-M1 tandem two-seat powered sailplane, with scrap views showing the side-by-side seating and non-retractable landing gear of the IS-28B-M2 version
Schleicher ASK 18 single-seat sailplane, available for amateur construction
Zauner OZ-5 single-seat Standard Class sailplane