Flight 1929-10
The Long-Range Breguet, "Question Mark," on which the French airmen, Costes and Beltente, recently flew 9,000 km. non-stop
SERVICE AND CIVIL ATTRACTIONS: At the top, No. 29 Sqdn., R.A.F. ("Siskins") are seen "formating," while below F. O. T. Clarke and Sergt.-Pilot T. W. Morton indulge in a simultaneous zoom. Inset, Mr. John Tranum descends in a new-type Russell Lobe parachute.
The finish of the Grosvenor Challenge Cup Race: The Newcastle Club's "Moth" 'PT (G. S. Kemp) comes in first with their other "Moth" 'QV (H. L. B. Dixon) second, and the Lancashire Aero Club "Avian " 'EC (A. Goodfellow) third.
The line-up and winner of one of the three racing events at the Newcastle Pageant. S.B.A.C. Challenge Cup: Dr. H. B. L. Dixon.
The Novelty Race :- Mr. R. G. Murray whose aerobatics gained him much applause.
A well-tried favourite in a new guise - The Westland Widgeon Seaplane.
THE LATEST "HERMIAN": R. G. Cazalet's Westland "Widgeon," in which he has just installed a Cirrus "Hermes" engine.
OUR LATEST ROYAL POTENTIAL PRIVATE OWNER: Prince George and his escort machine - both Westland "Wapitis " - leaving for Northolt.
ROYAL SAFEGUARDS: Prince George getting into the cockpit before leaving. In accordance with the regulations it will be seen that he is wearing a Service parachute. The fairing, windscreen and aluminium side panels of this machine, which was specially built for this type of work, should be noted.
A CHALLENGER FOR THE WORLD'S DISTANCE RECORD: The Fairey Long-Range Monoplane, with Napier, "Lion" engine which, crewed by Sqdn.-Ldr. Jones-Williams and Flight-Lieut. Jenkins, flew from London to Karachi non-stop in 50 hrs. 37 mins., a distance of 3,950 miles. The machine is to be used again on an attempt to beat the record recently established by the French aviator Costes.
Service. B.P. refuelling an Avian from one of their portable pumps.
TEAM WORK'S JUST REWARD: Flight-Lieut, de Le Poer Trench holding the Cup which he won in the Kingston-upon-Hull Light Aeroplane Race. A victory which was largely made possible by the keen interest and hard work put in by the A.D.C. ground staff.
The line-up and winners of two of the three racing events at the Newcastle Pageant. Top: Air League Challenge Cup: N. S. Todd. Bottom, Grosvenor Challenge Cup: G. S. Kemp. Both of Newcastle!
An Avro X (3 "Lynx"), of which several are to be put into service in Australia.
In the top picture Sir Alan Cobham is seen landing the D.H. "Giant Moth," Youth of Britain, at Stag Lane on October 7, at the conclusion of his 21 weeks' tour of Britain. In the centre, left, is the Armstrong-Siddeley "Jaguar" which ran throughout without a falter, and on the right, Sir Alan being welcomed by Sir Charles Wakefield, Sir Sefton Brancker, Mrs. Montague, Sir Edmund Phipps, and Mr. Montague, Under-Secretary for Air. Below, with some of the staff of Alan Cobham Aviation, Ltd., from left to right. - Mr. Davies, Mr. Barber, Mr. Brown. Mr. Courtenay, Mr. Bonner, Mr. Castlemaine, Mr. Montague, Mrs. Montague, Mr. Hartman, Sir Alan, Lady Cobham, Sir Charles Wakefield, Mr. Eskell, Capt. Stewart, Miss Jackson.
Piaggio P.7 представлял собой самолет весьма необычной конструкции. На нем итальянцы намеревались выиграть Кубок Шнайдера, но машина так и не поднялась в воздух.
A SCHNEIDER TROPHY ECHO: The Piaggio P-7, which was designed by Sig. Pegna for the Schneider Trophy Contest, is of very unusual design. Little is known regarding the details, but the fuselage acts as the main float, and means are provided, when taking-off, for lifting the fuselage clear of the water - through, we believe, the agency of a water propeller - so that the airscrew in the nose can be brought into action.
THE GLOSTER AIR SURVEY MACHINE: Two of these machines, fitted with Bristol "Jupiter" engines, have been built, of which the one shown is to be put into service by the Aircraft Operating Co. The other is for sale, and would, as an alternative, be very useful as a commercial aeroplane.
A Supermarine Southampton filling up from the new Bowser pit at Hythe.
THE SURREY A.L.I.: Three-quarter front and three-quarter rear views of the Surrey Flying Services' biplane.
The Surrey A.L.I, biplane in skeleton, photographed from the tail, showing the shape of the fuselage and methods of construction of the main planes and tail plane.
General views of rudder-bar assembly and rudder control connecting unit.
Side view of the tail unit, revealing in particular the rib construction of the tail plane and elevators, and general simplicity of the entire empennage.
Control column with rocking tube and inter-connecting rod to the second control column.
Assembly at rear of fuselage showing rudder and elevator controls.
TYPICAL JOINTS ON THE SURREY A.L.I.: 1, Front fuselage joint with centre section strut socket and engine-mounting attachment; 2, Strut fitting on the main 'plane spar; 3, A fuselage joint, which is clearly of simple design.
Surrey A.L.I. 95 hp. Salmson AC.7 Engine
R.A.F. Genet Moths in which Flt. Lt. M. Wiblin and F/O. W. Johnson helped to enliven the meeting.
A. Duckham & Co.'s method of supplying their Adcol Oil.
Service. F./O. T. Wheatley, a Shell representative, with his Moth (Cirrus-Hermes).
B.I.G. FLYING: Capt.Lamplugh, of the British Insurance Group, has long been a pilot, and is a Flying Officer in the Reserve of Air Force Officers. Colleagues of his, Mr. W.R.Massey (on Capt. Lamplugh's right) and Mr. A.G.Hawood (on Capt. Lamplugh's left) are Flying Officers in No.600 and No.601 A.A.Squadron, respectively. They are seen doing some very good formation flying on three "Gipsy-Moths" of the de Havilland Flying School.
THE WIRELESS "MOTH": This D.H. "Moth," belonging to Air Work, Ltd., has been equipped with an Amplion Wireless Receiving Installation intended for Private Owners' machines. Air Work, Ltd., it should be mentioned, are shortly broadcasting weather reports from Heston to Private Owners, and it is for such purposes that this receiving set has been designed.
THE PRINCE'S MOTH: As previously reported in "Flight," H.R.H. the Prince of Wales has acquired a D-H. "Gipsy Moth" for his personal use. We show above a photo of this machine - G-AALG.
Service. Flt.-Lt. T. Rose, a Pratts' representative, with his Moth (Cirrus III).
"GIPSY-MOTHS" FOR UNION AIR MAIL: The Union of South Africa Airways are making use of the "Moth," and above is a batch of machines lined up at Cape Town, ready to fly to Port Elizabeth
The Novelty Race :- Smiles of Victory;
The Novelty Race :- Good team work by the winning crew.
THE PIAGGIO "P-9": An Italian light touring monoplane fitted with a 75-80 h.p. "Cirrus II"engine.
AN AVRO V (3 GENET MAJOR ENGINES) FLYING IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF HESTON: Sold to Wilson Airways, Limited, this machine is to be put into service in Kenya.
The Avro V sold to Wilson Airways, Ltd., and to be used in Kenya
THE AVRO V: This machine is not, as its registration letters might lead one to believe, the property of the Kodak Company, but of Wilson Airways, Ltd. It is here seen taking off from Heston Air Park.
THE AVRO V: This illustration shows the placing of the three Genet Major engines. A very wide wheel track and independently-operated wheel brakes are features of this machine, which carried four passengers in addition to the pilot.