Air International 1985-11
??? - The Royal Moroccan Air Force ... A Seasoned Air Arm
The RMorAF's Boeing 707-138B adapted for the flight refuelling role with F-5Es probed by the Aero Maroc Industrie of Casablanca.
A close-up photograph of the Beechcraft refuelling hose unit on the port wingtip of the Boeing 707-138B.
Ex-Luftwaffe CM 170 Magisters at Marrakech-Menara, home of the RMorAF Academy. Apart from their basic flying training task, the Magisters have been operated in the counter-insurgency role in the Western Sahara.
One of the surviving CM 170 Magisters originally acquired from France's Armee de l’Air photographed at Marrakech-Menara.
A Mirage F1CH interceptor fighter of the RMorAF at the ex-USAF Strategic Air Command base of Sidi Slimane
A Mirage F1CH photographed during an alert take-off from its shelter at Sidi Slimane. Note Matra R.550 Magic missile on wingtip launcher
An AB 206 Jet Ranger at Rabat-Sale at which air base the bulk of the RMorAF helicopter fleet is normally based. Student pilots selected for the helicopter course are transferred from the Academy to Rabat-Sale for instruction on the AB 206.
An SA 342 Gazelle anti-armour helicopter at Rabat-Sale, this version being equipped with HOT missiles for use against Polisario armour in the Western Sahara.
One of the several types of helicopter included in the inventory of the substantial RMorAF rotorcraft fleet, an AB 205, photographed at Rabat-Sale.
One of the RMorAF’s substantial fleet of Kenitra-based C-130H Hercules. Apart from a heavy commitment to the logistic support of Moroccan forces engaged in the Western Sahara, a task in which this transport's ability to operate from short desert strips is invaluable, the Hercules possesses an important role in in-country civic development. The C-130Hs are also engaged in the air freighting of Moroccan produce to Europe.
The RWR (Rear Warning Radar) antennae on the extreme tail of a RMorAF C-130H.
One of the RMorAF's fleet of Lockheed C-130H Hercules transports photographed at its home base of Kenitra, the Hercules displaying both military and commercial markings.
One of the RMorAF CH-47 C Chinook medium-lift helicopters procured from Elicotteri Meridionali and valuable for the logistic support of isolated outposts along the Moroccan border earthworks.
One of the several types of helicopter included in the inventory of the substantial RMorAF rotorcraft fleet, an SA 330 Puma, photographed at Rabat-Sale.
One of the six ex-US Marine Corps OV-10A Broncos supplied to the RMorAF in 1981 photographed at Marrakech-Menara.
A trio of Alpha Jet H trainers used at Meknes-Mezergues for the advanced training of future RMorAF fighter pilots
The RMorAF T-34C Turbine Mentors serving with the RMorAF Academy display both military markings and commercial registrations.
One of the most recent additions to the governmental transportation fleet at Rabat-Sale is this Dassault-Breguet Falcon 50.
A Beechcraft King Air 100 (200 ???), which, despite lack of military insignia, is operated by the RMorAF as a VIP transport from Rabat-Sale.
The single Gulfstream II which is included in the inventory of the RMorAF's small governmental transportation fleet
A Northrop F-5E Tiger II of the RMorAF at Williams AFB, Arizona, prior to ferrying to Morocco
An F-5E Tiger II normally home-based at Meknes-Mezergues. Aero Maroc Industrie (AMIN) has fitted air-to-air refuelling probes on the F-5Es.
One of the RMorAF Dornier Do 28D-2s operated in the surveillance role from Rabat-Sale
The FFA AS.202/18 Bravo provides RMorAF pupil pilots with ah initio instruction at the Academy and plans exist for its licence manufacture in Morocco.
CAP 10 aerobatic aircraft have been procured to equip a RMorAF aerobatic team which is currently working up at Marrakech-Menara under the tutelage of a French instructor, J-P Otelli.