Jane's All the World Aircraft 1975
03 - Sailplanes
RFB Sirius II two-seat high-performance powered sailplane with ducted fan power plant
Let L-13 Blanik tandem two-seat all-metal sailplane
Glaser-Dirks DG-100 single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Sportavia RF5B Sperber, developed from the RF5, with cut-down rear fuselage
SZD-40X Halny two-seat high-performance experimental sailplane
SZD-38 Jantar-1 Open Class production sailplane developed from the SZD-37
IS-29E single-seat high-performance Open Class sailplane, with 17-6 m span all-metal wings
SZD-45A Ogar side-by-side two-seat powered training sailplane
SZD-45A Ogar two-seat powered training sailplane
Scheibe SF-29 single-seat powered sailplane
SF-25C-S Falke, developed from the SF-25B with redesigned fuselage, engine cowl flap and feathering propeller
Scheibe SF-28 Tandem-Falke two-seat powered sailplane (60 hp Limbach SL 1700 EA 1 engine)
PIK-16C Vasama single-seat Standard Class sailplane
PIK-20 single-seat high-performance sailplane, first flown in 1973
Prototype of the Rolladen-Schneider LS2 high-performance Standard Class sailplane
Rolladen-Schneider LS1-c single-seat high-performance Standard Class sailplane
Schweizer SGS 1-35 single-seat high-performance 15 m all-metal sailplane
Schneider ES 60B Super Arrow high-performance single-seat sailplane
Fauvel AV.222 side-by-side two-seat powered sailplane
Wassmer WA-26 Squale single-seat high-performance sailplane
Glasflugel Standard Libelle single-seat high-performance sailplane
Glasflugel 205 Club Libelle single-seat 15 metre sailplane
Glasflugel 604 Kestrel single-seat high-performance Open Class sailplane, fifth production example
Glasflugel 701 side-by-side two-seat sailplane
SZD-9bis Bocian 1E tandem two-seat general-purpose sailplane
Neukom Elfe S-17A increased-span version of the S-15A, with water ballast
Bryan (Schreder) HP-18 sailplane, developed from the RS-15
Briegleb BG 12 series single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Briegleb BG 12-16 single-seat sailplane, with all-flying horizontal tail
VTC Delfin 3 single-seat competition and training sailplane
Prototype Miller WM-2 high-performance single-seat powered sailplane
Altinger (Aerofibra) Lenticular 15S single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Aerofibra Yarara single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Aero Saladillo Bigua side-by-side two-seat training sailplane
Lanzalone Aulanz single-seat homebuilt powered sailplane
Militky MB-E1 electric-powered aircraft, modified from an Austrian-built HB-3 sailplane
IPE KW 2 tandem two-seat training sailplane
VSO 10 single-seat high-performance sailplane
Petersen Project 8 two-seat powered sailplane
CERVA CE 75 Silene (Sagittaire) side-by-side two-seat training glider
Trucavaysse TCV-01 single-seat sailplane, first flown in 1964
Trucavaysse TCV-02, developed from the TCV-01 with longer fuselage, modified canopy and landing wheel
Jacquet et Pottier J. P. 15-36 single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Pingouin BM 1 single-seat sailplane, designed for amateur construction
Akaflieg Munchen Mu 26 single-seat high-performance sailplane
Akaflieg Munchen Mu 27 two-seat high performance sailplane
Prototype Blessing Rebell one/two-seat sailplane, powered by a 54 hp Hirth engine
Fluwag Bremen FL-III single-seat Standard Class sailplane
FVA-20 single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Kortenbach & Rauh Kora 1 two-seat glassfibre powered sailplane
Almost-completed prototype of the Schempp-Hirth Janus sailplane
Mrigasheer HS-II single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Tainan Mita III two-seat training and sporting sailplane
SZD-30 Pirat single-seat Standard Class sailplane, of which more than 415 have been built
Mr Hank Thor's Duster BJ-1B, powered by a 35 hp Rockwell engine
DSK Duster single-seat homebuilt sailplane designed by Mr Ben Jansson
Explorer PG-1 Aqua Glider amateur-built biplane glider
Karvyalis BK-7 Lietuva single-seat retractable-wheel sailplane
Osokine SA-8T Idel single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Nahuel single-seat amateur-built sailplane, designed by Sr Berca of AVEX
Siren D 77 Iris single-seat training sailplane
Kirigamine K-14 elementary glider built by Mr Aisaku Ito of the JEAA
Nihon University N-70 Cygnus single-seat powered sailplane (44 hp Fuji 1100-EA61 engine)
Takatori SH-8 Flider two-seat waterborne glider
Takatori SH-18 Mammoth two-seat training sailplane
Takatori SH-16S single-seat high-performance sailplane
Schleuniger hang-glider in use in Hokkaido, Japan, where it made several flights during January 1974. The pilot is using a roller-skate "landing gear" instead of the more usual skis
Torva TA Series 2 Sprite single-seat sailplane
Birmingham Guild BG Gipsy 135 single-seat sailplane
Yorkshire Sailplanes YS 55 Consort single-seat sailplane
Kiceniuk Icarus II swept-wing biplane hang-glider
Mr Taras Kiceniuk Jr, in first World War flying suit, at the start of a flight from Mt Palomar in the Icarus V monoplane hang-glider
Volmer VJ-11 one-man hang-glider, showing the pilot's controls
Volmer VJ-23 Swingwing monoplane hang-glider, approved by the FAA tor amateur construction
SZD-36A Cobra 15 single-seat high-performance Standard Class sailplane