Jane's All the World Aircraft 1975
Air-launched Missiles
Mounting a Bulldog laser-guided air-to-surface missile on an A-4M Skyhawk aircraft
Buccaneer carrying three Martel missiles and a Martel systems pod
Unidentified air-to-ground munition with terminal homing, tested from an F-4 Phantom II. A single missile of this type demolished a concrete bridge pier during trials
Laser guided dispenser munitions (LGDMs) carried by F-4 Phantom II test aircraft
Standard Active missile on underwing launcher of A-6A Intruder
AGM-53A Condor air-to-surface missile test round under wing of A-6 Intruder aircraft
Model of the Atlantic maritime reconnaissance aircraft with Otomat (inboard) and anti-radar Martel missiles on its underwing launchers
AJ 37 Viggen attack aircraft armed with four RB05A air-to-surface missiles
Mockups of Agile missiles and launchers mounted on an F-4 Phantom II