Aviation Historian 2
R.Carvell - Ill Wind
Avro Tudor Freighter 1 G-AGRH (c/n 1256) with its original short nose, as used by British South American Airways before being converted by ATL into a long-nose Super Trader for Air Charter service in 1956. Despite its good range, the taildragger Tudor was vastly outclassed by more modern American airliners like the Douglas DC-6.
The doomed Romeo Hotel at a palm-fringed airport during one of its previous cargo flights. Note the large rectangular freight doors in the port side of the fuselage. Following their conversion to Super Traders, the Air Charter fleet made a number of outstanding long-distance charter flights, notably to Christmas Island in the Pacific and New Zealand, hence their suitability for the freighting of weapon components to Australia.
The first of the Avro Tudor 4Bs modified to “Super Trader” standard by Freddie Laker’s Aviation Traders Ltd for his airline Air Charter, G-AHNI Trade Wind is seen here at Negombo in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in June 1955.
Another of Air Charter’s Super Traders, G-AHNO, named Conqueror, at Southend. Like the careers of all Air Charter Super Traders, that of G-AHNO was short; it entered service in 1956 and was scrapped at Stansted in 1959.
Crunch! Super Trader G-AHNI at rest after having swung off the runway at Malta during one of its Woomera flights. The aircraft was ultimately scrapped at Stansted in the summer of 1959.