Aeroplane Monthly 1986-03
P.Chinnery - The Air War over Vietnam (3)
The first B-52 Arc Light mission was flown against the Viet Cong on June 18, 1965. Two B-52s collided en route.
Bien Hoa air base after Viet Cong mortar attack on B-57 ramp on November 1, 1965. Five were destroyed, including two burnt to the ground, and 15 damaged.
"Тандерчиф" наносит удар 75-мм неуправляемыми реактивными снарядами. 1965г.
An F-105 Thunderchief of the 421st TFS unleashes a salvo of 2.75-in. rockets against a target in North Vietnam
A North American F-100 Super Sabre on a bombing mission against Viet Cong positions. Forty F-100s were used in the first Operation Rolling Thunder air attack, which took place at Xom Bong on March 2, 1965. Two of them were lost to enemy ground fire.
F-100 Super Sabres of the 481st Tactical Fighter Squadron deployed to Tan Son Nhut in June 1965.
A U.S. Navy gunship helicopter banks in for a low reconnaissance run over a suspected Viet Cong staging area in the Mekong Delta, South Vietnam. Such recce flights helped keep the waters and canals of the delta open to trade and deny their use to the enemy.
The door gunner's view from a UH-1 helicopter. By the end of 1964 the US Army had 250 UH-1s in Vietnam.