Flight 1929-12
Flight Advertisements
After competitive tests this machine has been adopted as standard Fighter for the Royal Air Force. Every Bristol "Bulldog" is of course doped with Cellon. Ever since early flying days, when they were building Box Kites, the Bristol Aeroplane Co., Ltd., have used Cellon Dope.
"THE VICKERS VIMY." The crew comprised Capt. Ross Smith, M.C., D.F.C., Lieut. Keith Smith, Sergt. J. W. Bennett, M.S.M., and Sergt. W. H. Shiers.
One of the "taxis" returning home. A Desoutter - Hermes over Hanworth.
In the Saro "Cutty Sark" Messrs. Saunders-Roe Ltd. have produced an ideal 4-seater cabin flying boat for the private owner. The rudder and elevators are the only portions of the machine which are fabric covered - they are, of course, doped with Cellon. The wings are of plywood and the hull of aluminium alloy - both are finished with Cerric Cellulose Lacquer, which is specially designed to give complete protection against sea-water corrosion, etc.