Aeroplane Monthly 1986-08
P.Chinnery - The Air War over Vietnam (8)
Lt J. G. William Belden ejects from his A-4E Skyhawk as it slides into the catwalk of the USS Shangri La following brake failure.
A Marines’ KC-130 tanker refuelling an RF-8G Crusader from VFP-63.
The last USAF C-130 trans­port mission in South Vietnam was flown on December 27, 1970.
An Air Force HH-53 carrying a disabled Air America UH-1 to an airfield in South Vietnam.
Five Sikorsky HH-53s took part in the Son Tay raid.
Непосредственная поддержка войск во Вьетнаме требовала от самолета малого времени реакции и высокой точности применения оружия. Хотя A-37 был двухместным, на задание часто отправлялся только один пилот.
An A-37 counterinsurgency aircraft firing a rocket at a Viet Cong position.
An Air Force HH-3E “Jolly Green Giant" rescuing a pilot from the water off Vietnam.
A US Navy UH-1 flies near an inshore patrol craft on the Cua Lon river.
The North Vietnamese supply centre at Tchepone in Laos was captured by the AVRN in an assault using 120 UH-1s.
A crewman reloading the M-60 flexgun on a Navy UH-1B from HAL-3.
A UH-1B from HAL-3 fires rockets at a suspected Viet Cong position along the Bassac river.