Aeroplane Monthly 1986-09
??? - At last! the 1948 show
John Derry low and fast in the Vampire 5.
“Wimpey" Wade displaying the Hawker P.1040
“Mutt” Summers lands G-AHRF, the prototype Viscount.
Piper flies past in Short Sealand G-AIVX.
Geoffrey Tyson upside down in the Saro S.R.A.1 TG271.
Booth brings in Sturgeon 2 VR363.
Gibbs landing Bristol Brigand B Mk 1 RH809 with four 500 lb bombs.
Avro Lincoln B Mk 2 RE292, flown by Messrs Field-Richards and Giles, had no special features other than a 20mm dorsal gun turret.
Basil Arkell shows off Fairey Gyrodyne G-AIKF.
Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52 TS368, flown by Franklin and powered by two Rolls-Royce Nenes. The Derwent-powered A.W.52, TS363, did not fly at the show.
Panoramic view of the participants of the 1948 SBAC Farnborough show, headed by one of the two A.W.52s present. The aircraft are assembled on the north side of the airfield and 50 took part in the flying programme.
The world's first jet airliner; Brice in the Nene Viking.
Orrell also flight-tested the Tudor Mk 8, VX195, first flown on September 6, 1948, from Woodford.
The Tudor 8, flown in from Boscombe Down with less than 5hr in the air.
Avro Lancastrian VM732 used as an engine testbed and fitted with two Rolls-Royce Avons.
Geoffrey Pike bringing in the Sea Hornet 20 VR892.
Hazelden brings in the mighty Hermes 4 G-AKPF.
Capt Alcock sails past in stately majesty in the Short Solent G-AHIM Scarborough. This senior BOAC pilot was the brother of John Alcock of Vimy/Atlantic fame.
A production Hastings, TG527, also flown by Hazelden.
George Errington brings in Airspeed Ambassador G-AKRD, the second prototype.
The Athena T Mk 2 VW890.
Capper demonstrates the Stol capabilities of Pioneer G-31-1.
Lawrence flying the Blackburn S.28/43.
Hugh Kendall flying the Handley Page Marathon G-AILH.
Fairey Primer G-ALBL in the hands of Peter Twiss.
Supermarine Seagull amphibian PA 143 was flown by Jeffrey Quill and Mike Lithgow.
This Mosquito TT Mk 39 was exhibited by GAL, who were responsible for the conversion work.
The largest aircraft ever built by Auster, the A.2/45, being demonstrated by Snarey.