Air International 1986-03
??? - Valmet's Turbotrainer ... A Northern Newcomer with Tradition
Logical successor of the L-70 Vinka , the L-80 Turbotrainer, is by no means a straight turboprop adaptation of the piston-engined aircraft, featuring a new wing, retractable undercarriage and numerous other changes.
The first prototype L-80 Turbotrainer, OH- VBB had logged only fifteen-and-a-half hours when, on 24 April last year, it crashed, resulting in the death of test pilot Paavo Janhunen and his flight observer. The cause of this accident has still to be determined.
Valmet L-80TP Turbotrainer
The L-70 Vinka was conceived specifically to meet an Ilmavoimat requirement, and, the first new Finnish military aircraft for 18 years when it entered flight test in July 1975, is now operated by the Air Academy at Kauhava.