Aeroplane Monthly 1987-07
M.Hardy - 1950 RAF Display
Five 54 Sqn Vampires soar vertically above Farnborough on July 7, 1950.
Some of the 37 CFS Harvards during a demonstration of pattern flying.
Self-explanatory effects of pattern flying by the CFS Harvards.
Jeffrey Quill puttered around in the Bleriot, rarely above 10ft.
Wg Cdr T. D. Calnan, then chief test pilot at the RAE, coaxes the 1910 Deperdussin into the air.
Leonard Snaith flying the Avro 504K - his first experience of the old trainer since 1926.
Allen Wheeler showing off his Sopwith Pup.
One of the four performing pink elephants (actually Hoverfly 2s).
Sqn Ldr Banner gave a sprightly demonstration of the Blackburn monoplane.
The classic instructor and pupil act, performed by two Chipmunks landing in opposite directions.
“Enemy" Mosquito NF.36s “attack" Farnborough. The airfield was defended by Meteor F.4s, which were outmanoeuvred but had the edge on speed over the piston-powered twins.