Aeroplane Monthly 1987-09
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Supermarine Walrus K5781 was part of a batch of 12 machines delivered to the RAF between March and June 1936. Following a period at Mount Batten, K5781 moved first to the School of Naval Co-operation and then to 715 Squadron before being struck off charge on May 23, 1939.
Supermarine Walrus K5782 was delivered to 715 Squadron and then transferred to the Admiralty on May 24, 1939. The Walrus I was powered by a 625 h.p. Pegasus IIM2 radial engine.
Fairey Swordfish I K8386 was part of a batch of 104 Sword­fish ordered in 1935 and delivered to the RAF between September 1936 and April 1937. Assigned to HMS Eagle, K8386 was transferred to the Admiralty on May 24, 1939.
Vickers Vildebeest II K2939 was one of 30 machines delivered to the RAF between June and August 1935. Delivered initially to 100 (Torpedo Bomber) Squadron, K2939 was attached to the Station Flight at Kai Tak and appears to be equipped for target towing duties. K2939 was ditched in the Lyemun Pass, Hong Kong on May 23, 1939. Powered by a 635 h.p. Pegasus IIMB radial engine, the Vildebeest II carried a l,100lb torpedo and was armed with one forward-mounted Vickers gun and a Lewis gun aft.
D.H. Tiger Moth K2592 was part of a batch of 35 RAF Tigers delivered between October 1931 and January 1932. In addition to spending time at Kai Tak, this Tiger was later stationed at Tengah. K2592 was converted to a seaplane in May 1934. On December 15, 1940 K2592 crashed at Kranji, Singapore.
Hawker Horsley S1609 was part of the final batch of RAF Horsleys delivered during 1931. This all-metal torpedo bomber was powered by a 665 h.p. Rolls-Royce Condor IIIA engine and carried a single 2,150 lb torpedo. This Horsley is fitted with target towing gear - note the target cable drum and wind-driven winch attached to the side of the rear cockpit. About a dozen Horsleys were thus converted.
Another view of Horsley S1609.