Aeroplane Monthly 1987-09
S.Porter - Recuperated Coupe
Another view of the prototype Coupe. The schoolboy standing by the nose gives an idea of scale. In August 1933 'IL was sold in Ireland and became EI-AAV.
The prototype Civilian Coupe, fitted with a 75 h.p. ABC Hornet engine, at Heston in July 1929.
The same aircraft with lengthened nose, shortened exhaust pipes and faired undercarriage struts.
The Civilian Coupe is the first two-seater to give side by side enclosed seating with a really good view, an excellent performance and low cost. Fitted with wheel brakes, this makes an admirable private owners' machine.
Two views of the third Coupe, G-ABFJ, taken during the summer of 1931. Registered in April that year, 'FJ met its end following a forced landing three months later.
Coupes G-ABFI and G-ABFJ taking off from Heston on May 30, 1931 at the start of the London to Newcastle air race. G-ABFJ ran out of fuel and ’FI was placed 7th with an average speed of 119 m.p.h.
Coupe G-ABNT photographed at Heston in July 1932.
'NT in 1931, soon after it was built.
'NT shortly after restoration at Biggin Hill last year.
Civilian Coupe G-ABNT, pictured during a test flight in almost 50yr.
The sixth and final Coupe was G-ABPW. In October 1932 it was delivered to a German firm of aerial photographers and, registered D-EPAN, survived until the Forties.
A COMFORTABLE ARRANGEMENT: No one can complain of the comfort provided in the cabin of this machine. It will be seen that the seats are slightly staggered thereby giving ample shoulder room.
A large celluloid panel in the roof gave the pilot a clear view above.