Flight 1936-11
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Here is the "City of Halifax" - one of the five Monospars in the first British air fleet ever ordered by Canada, the once-impregnable stronghold of transatlantic manufacturers. Eastern Canada Airlines operate under particularly difficult conditions, with bitter cold, much snow and dangerous flying country. After long deliberation, they have chosen the Monospar as being the most reliable and best-equipped machine for their freight and passenger services. Another example of the suitability of Monospar in World Service!
A corner of the Smoking Saloon
The Airspeed ENVOY may be operated as a luxurious four-seat private owner aircraft, or as a six-seat, or eight-seat passenger aircraft. In both the four-seat and six-seat arrangement, a toilet is provided at the rear of the cabin. All are fitted with split trailing edge flaps and the Airspeed patent retractable undercarriage, the reliability of which has been tested thoroughly in all parts of the world.