Aeroplane Monthly 1987-10
Personal album
Two views of Tipsy two-seater production at the London Air Park factory at Hanworth in Middlesex.
Tipsy two-seater fuselages under construction at Hanworth.
Drone G-AEKT was registered to the parent company in November 1936 and survived until the war.
Drone G-AEAN was short lived. Registered in January 1936, it flew with C.W.A. Scott's circus that season but crashed at Southend on July 22, 1936.
Cockpit and sparse instrument panel of a Kronfeld Drone.
Last of several tailless research gliders (GAL 56) under construction at Hanworth. Following test pilot Sqn Ldr Robert Kronfeld's death whilst testing another GAL 56 on February 12,1948, this glider was never completed.