Aeroplane Monthly 1987-10
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Hawker Typhoon IB EK286 Fiji VI, photographed by Flight before delivery to the RAF in April 1943.
Hawker Typhoon IB R7700 was an A&AEE aircraft that was returned to Hawker following trials. On September 20, 1943 it was relegated to a maintenance airframe, becoming 4645M.
Первый опытный "Тайфун"
The first prototype Hawker Typhoon, P5212, first flown on February 24, 1940 in its original form.
Hawker Typhoon IB R8224 flew with Nos 56 and 609 Sqns. In September 1943 it was struck off charge when a pilot overstressed it performing aerobatics at Lympne.
Один из первых "Тайфунов" еще с неостекленным гаргротом
Hawker Typhoon IA R7578, a company trials aircraft and later flown by Napier, never saw RAF service and was struck off charge in March 1943.