Flight 1937-04
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ABOVE THE CLOUDS. - One of the Pegasus-engined Hawker Harts for the Swedish Government, now manufactured under licence in Sweden.
The Original "CIRRUS" Mark I Number 1 in the first D.H. "MOTH."
"Wellesley" ("Bristol" Pegasus Engine) VICKERS "GEODETIC" CONSTRUCTION
A formation of Saro 'London' FLYING BOATS (Bristol Pegasus Engines) of No. 201 (Flying Boat) Squadron R.A.F. flying over Southampton Water.
HANDLEY-PAGE "HARROW" Two 850 h.p. Bristol "Pegasus" engines
The V.E.F. J-11 machine CIRRUS " MINOR." Top speed nearly 150 m.p.h.
В конце 1930-х годов "British Airways" заказала семь самолетов Model 10-A. Они использовались на линиях в Европе, в том числе и в Скандинавии, где часто стояла неблагоприятная погода.
The "Envoy" has been designed for high and economical cruising speeds. The Airspeed type of wood construction also ensures very low maintenance and C. of A. costs and has been thoroughly proved in the most varied climates from extreme cold to the humidity and heat of tropical countries.
The view of the pilot's cockpit shows the Sperry Gyro Horizon and Reid & Sigrist Turn & Bank Indicator fitted on the Blind Flying Instrument Board. In addition, a Marconi Homing Device is shown with the Visual Indicator mounted on the windscreen at the top. The instrument immediately above the Gyro Horizon is the Undercarriage Pressure Gauge
An AVRO "AVIAN" CIRRUS MARK III Won the King's Cup Air Race in 1930.
The Instructor of the Bristol and Wessex Aero Club and a lady pupil interested in the CIRRUS MINOR fitted to their latest acquisition, a B.A. "Swallow."