Air International 1987-01
??? - Mirages a la mode
The Swiss Mirage IIIS mid-life upgrade test aircraft, J-2301 being the Flugwaffe evaluation aircraft
The Swiss Mirage IIIS mid-life upgrade test aircraft, J-2302 being the Federal Aircraft Factory test aircraft.
The parent company's canarded Mirage III upgrade, the Mirage IIING, which features later-generation Mirage 2000 fly-by-wire controls, the uprated Atar 9K50 engine and an up-to-date nav/attack system with inertial platform and HUD. As yet, no customer has been found for this nouvelle generation Mirage
The first Mirage to receive canards, the Milan (Kite) of 18 years ago. The forward-swept moustaches were retractable.
The first Chilean Mirage 50C to undergo ENAER mid-life upgrading with the aid of an IAI-supplied kit comprising canards, strokes and an AoA sensor.
Atlas Aircraft’s canarded Mirage III update, the Cheetah.
A former Mirage IIIBZ converted to Cheetah standards by Atlas Aircraft with IAI assistance. The strakes below and forward of the air intakes are standard on second-generation two-seat Mirages and were presumably a retrofit on this early aircraft.