Air Enthusiast 1996-05
J.Vella - From Fisherman's Bend. CAC Projects, Proposals and Concepts
Three-view of the P177 military transport with (inset) a fuselage variant dated December 22, 1942.
P186, based upon the Grumman Panther
Boomerang development, the P176, dated August 8, 1942.
Possible change layouts for the proposed Cessna 172 light twin
Winjeel evolutions
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CAC-25 Winjeel A85-443 of ‘C’ Flight, 76 ‘Panther’ Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, Williamtown, 1992. Inset: 76 Squadron badge as applied to the ‘C’ Flight Winjeels prior to adopting the low visibility style as seen in the two-view circa 1990.
Private venture agricultural aircraft study, 1965
The CA-23 in its final configuration was a large airframe.
Perspex model of the CA-23 showing the positioning of the airframe structure as an aid to the lofting process.
Wooden mock-up of the engine air inlet, with the radar housing and the two crew positions.
Plan view with cross-section of the P223.
Three-view of the P148 general purpose twin
The P175 anti-tank and strike aircraft.
Model of the XP65 Warrior. Main undercarriage retracted into the fixed wing pods.
A model of the XP47 rocket interceptor against a sky background. This may have been one of those built for launching by catapult.
Three-view of the XP46 showing location of pilot, radar, weapons, engine and the main undercarriage which would have been housed in the wingtips.
The XP62 four-engined light interceptor.
Three-view of the XP65 Warrior
XP68 - F-104 Starfighter competitor
Impression of the P265 Wallaby feederliner of August 1953.
P271/XP63 turbojet trainer model with frames, stringers, spares etc drawn on
The variable geometry AA-107 with wings at full sweep.
Model of the Universal Lightweight Trainer.
Head-on view of the CA-31 mock-up, illustrating the forward fuselage stroke and the delta wing
CAC Lightweight jet trainer. Probably outline of inlet ducts after further refinement is marked.
Three-view with cross-sections of the P271/XP63.
Top, XP74 four-seater with wingtip fuel tanks, showing fuselage split for engine access. Three-view, XP73 jet trainer with additional fuselage tankage (shaded) with position of XP74 wingtip tanks shown.
GAC-100 STOL commuter aircraft
Model of the LMS with the wide body lock-on module for passenger carrying attached.
Views of the Light Military Transport. Top three views show the main LMS version with twin gun pack mounted. Top elevation shows the dimensions of the wide body module (shown in side view at the bottom). Second to bottom is a side view showing the cargo/air-drop platform
Top, light civil/military transport and bottom, the larger Light Utility Transport Aircraft.