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??? - The ATR 42: A Regional Success Story
Although not itself an operator of the ATR 42, Air France has its livery on one of the Air Littoral aircraft
Air Queensland is the first Australian operator of the type.
By the end of 1986, Avions de Transport Regional had delivered 35 ATR 42s and production will peak at 3-4 per month this year. Among the 15 airlines operating the regional transport were Simmons Airlines, serving American Airlines with its aircraft in American Eagle livery
Among the 15 airlines operating the regional transport were Holland Aerolines, flying on regional routes to and from cities in the Netherlands.
The first prototype of the ATR 42, finished in house livery
The second prototype of the ATR 42, finished respectively in the colours of Command Airways, the first US customer and operator. The second aircraft had Finnair livery on the other side of the fuselage.
The first revenue passengers to fly in the ATR 42 were carried in this aircraft, operated by Air Littoral on routes within France from December 1985 onwards,
The final assembly line of ATR 42s in the Aerospatiale facilities at Toulouse.
The ATR 42 flight deck benefits from experience gained with the Airbus A310. with which it shares such features as the two-pilot forward-facing crew compartment (FFCC), push-button system controls grouped on the overhead panel, a centralised crew-alerting system and the colour-coded, dark cockpit concept with a synoptic chart to identify faults.
Single-class four-abreast seating is the norm in the ATR 42.
ATR 42
A three-view drawing of the ATR 42 and an extra side view of the ATR 72.