Air Enthusiast 1971-12
H.Taylor - Flying the Douglas Twins /Viewed from the Cockpit/
Boston III (AL296) of No 107 Squadron, RAF, 1942.
Boston IIIA (BZ357) of No 88 (Hong Kong) Squadron, 1944.
Havoc I (BD112) of No 23 Squadron, RAF, 1941.
Boston IIIA (AL877) of No 24 Squadron, SAAF, 1943,
Boston III (A28-15) of No 22 Squadron, RAAF.
An ex-Belgian-contract Douglas DB-7, used by the RAF as a Boston I, distinguished by the short nacelles for the Twin Wasp engines.
The Douglas Boston III Medium Bomber (two Wright R-2600-A5BO engines).
A pre-delivery picture of a British-contract Boston III
Another variant of the Douglas A-20 family used by the RAF was the A-20J Boston IV shown with ventral ferry tank
A Havoc II after conversion in Britain to have a 12-gun nose and early AI equipment with aerials on the nose and wing.
Вид из кабины A-20
The cockpit of a US AAF Douglas A-20G-15, showing the gun sight and gun firing button (on the control wheel) for the forward firing guns.
Douglas Boston III