Aviation Historian 8
R.Mulder - Capital Gains: Oslo-Fornebu airport 1934-40
Junkers Ju 52/3m D-ATON at Fornebu on September 7, 1938. Far from being a ‘‘secret reconnaissance mission”, it was co-organised by Norwegian airline DNL.
In the autumn of 1939 British Airways started a service from Newcastle to Scandinavia using Ju 52/3ms. Despite initial concerns about Fornebu’s treeline, the airport was ultimately incorporated into the route. Ju 52/3m G-AERU Juno was operated on the service and is seen here at Stavanger. It later served in the Congo with Sabena.
On October 16, 1939, DNL inaugurated its Oslo-Gothenburg-Copenhagen service from Fornebu, using former Ju 52/3m seaplane LN-DAF Najaden, which had been fitted with a wheeled undercarriage. It was DNL’s first landplane passenger service.
Passengers board Fw 200 OY-DAM on June 1. Furthest right, in uniform, is DNL Station Manager Oddvar Steen.
On the inaugural day of the airport Captain Charles Bramsen opened the throttles of DDL Fw 200 OY-DAM and - unintentionally - roared off down one of the taxiways and into the air, only realising halfway through the run that he was not in fact on the runway.
A splendid image of DDL (Danish Air Lines) Focke-Wulf Fw 200 OY-DAM Dania starting its engines for the first landplane departure on a scheduled service from Fornebu, on June 1, 1939. The flight departed Oslo for London via Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Hamburg, the service being provided in association with Deutsche Lufthansa.
Opening day, June 1, 1939; as well as the various airliners on show, three privately-owned aircraft were on hand to celebrate the airport’s inauguration. They were Taylor J-2 Cub LN-EAN (the tail of which is visible here), Taylorcraft A LN-FAG and Fairchild 24 LN-EAF. In the background is DNL’s Caproni Ca 310 LN-DAK Brevduen.
German aviator Emil Kropf arrived the day before the opening in Fieseler Fi 156C Storch D-IUGR (c/n 695), remaining at Fornebu until June 4. The new airport presented no problems for the Storch and its extraordinary short-field performance.
On April 16, 1939, the first service from Fornebu’s seaplane base, Rolfstangen, was flown by DNL Junkers Ju 52/3m LN-DAI Hauken, from Oslo to Copenhagen. The same aircraft made the first official flight from Fornebu on the opening day, June 1, departing the airport early in the morning for Haugesund, Stavanger and Kristiansand.
KLM Douglas DC-2 PH-AKI at Fornebu Airport, 1939;
KLM Douglas DC-2 PH-AKI Kievit (c/n 1355) is the subject of great interest before its departure from Fornebu for Kristiansand and Amsterdam on June 1. This aircraft was taken over by German forces in May 1940, after which it was given the German civil registration D-ADBK and later served with the Luftwaffe as NA+LD.
Passengers disembark from a coach beside the restaurant rotunda and make their way towards DC-2 PH-AKI for the flight to Amsterdam on June 1. Thankfully the weather on the opening day was excellent and no flights were delayed.
Fokker F.XII SE-ACZ, named Varmland, of Swedish airline AB Aerotransport, at Fornebu airport in Oslo on its opening day, June 1, 1939. Captain Ernst Tage Joneberg flew the aircraft out of the brand new airport that evening, on a scheduled service to Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Malmo. In the background is Fornebu’s distinctive restaurant rotunda. The number “3” on the wall to its right indicates the runway to be used.