Air International 1987-07
B.Gunston - More Eagles for the USAF Eyrie
A McDonnell Douglas F-15, operating with the 33rd TFW from Eglin AFB, Florida, incorporating the results of the current multi-stage improvement program (MSIP) that include upgrades of the radar, avionics and weapons system.
This is the prototype Strike Eagle - actually the second two-seat F-15, serial 71-291, which was modified in 1979/80 and has been used to demonstrate the Eagle's potential in its new dual role. As well as four AIM-9 Sidewinders, it is here carrying a typical F-15E load of conventional HE bombs.
The production F-15E Eagle displays its underside, whilst flying with three 610-US gal (2 309-l) drop tanks, and LANTIRN pods, but without external weapons.
11 декабря 1986г.: первый полет выполнил ударный самолет F-15E Strike Eagle, предназначавшийся для замены в ВВС США снятых с вооружения истребителей-бомбардировщиков F-111.
The first production F-15E Eagle, which entered flight test on 11 December 1986, has now been joined by the second, and the third will reach Edwards AFB later this year. The No 1 aircraft is seen here with the two pods of the LANTIRN system under the fuselage - the navigation pod to starboard and the targeting pod to port.
The USAF has adopted a single tone overall mid-grey finish for the F-15E, which is likely to spend most of its fighting life at lower altitudes than the earlier F-15 variants.
Слева кабина летчика F-15E, справа - кабина оператора
The front and rear cockpit of the F-15E, showing this to be one of the most advanced warplanes, in avionics terms, to reach production.
McDonnell Douglas F-15E Eagle