Air International 1987-10
??? - Dornier's Way with Commuters
A model of the Dornier 328
A three-view of this latest application of Dornier's commuterliner design expertise, the Dornier 328.
Operating as Druk-Air, Royal Bhutan Airlines look delivery of this Dornier 228-200 early in 1983 as the first of two for operation on the route linking Paro, in Bhutan, with Calcutta.
Japan Air Commuter was another early user of the Dornier 228-200, leasing the 7 th and 19th production aircraft during 1983.
A Dornier 228-200 of Precision Airlines in the US.
Polar 2 is the first of three Dornier 228s that have been used to support the German Antarctic Expeditions. With combination wheel/skis, they have many items of special equipment for ice research.
A Dornier 228-100 demonstrator in maritime surveillance configuration with radome under the fuselage and underwing sensor pods.
(Above) Although it was modified from a Skyservant, the Dornier TNT Experimental incorporated most of the features of the Dornier 228, including the new wing with Garrett turboprop engines.
The prototype Dornier 228-100, first flown on 28 March 1981
The prototype Dornier 228-100 was soon followed by the first 228-200, differing only in the length of fuselage.
The first production Dornier 228-100 was delivered to A/S Norving in March 1982, but was returned to the manufacturer to serve as a demonstrator, being replaced in Norway by the third aircraft.
This 228-201 was used for a nine-month evaluation by the Marineflieger and then operated as a VIP transport for the Luftwaffe for six months.
Example of the radar-equipped coastal surveillance version of the Dornier 228, in service with the Indian Coast Guard
Example of the radar-equipped coastal surveillance version of the Dornier 228, in UK Fisheries Patrol service.
Dornier 228-200
The drawings show the Dornier 228-100 with a side-view of the 228-200.