Air International 1987-12
On 6 October 1987, the first three of 12 EAV-8B Harrier IIs ordered by the Arma Aerea de la Armada arrived at the Navy’s base at Rota after a non-stop ferry flight from St Louis, being refuelled en route by a USAF KC-10 Extender. To be based aboard the new carrier Principe de Asturias, the EAV-8Bs will equip a new Escuadrilla.
British Aerospace has modified its Hawk demonstrator (G-HAWK. ZA101) to incorporate the aerodynamic shape of the Hawk 100 systems management trainer. Powered by the uprated Adour 871, the Hawk 100 has an extended front fuselage to contain advanced navigation and attack avionics. It is intended that this Hawk variant will carry a laser range finder for use in the strike/ attack role, FLIR and pilot's passive night vision goggles for accurate navigation and target identification at night. None of the planned avionics is carried by the development aircraft, which is being used to prove the aerodynamic qualities of the new front fuselage design.