Air International 1987-12
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Air Pacific, the national carrier of Fiji and once known as Fiji Airways, has a single Boeing 737-2X2 with which to operate its regional services linking the home island with other territories in the South Pacific.
Operating as Air Portugal since 1979, Transportes Aereos Portugueses (TAP) is Portugal's national airline. Its mixed fleet includes seven Boeing 737-282 Advanced twin-jets including CS-TEK depicted here.
Air Florida was one of the airlines that failed to survive the intense competition generated by deregulation of the US airline industry, and is no longer in business. N37AF was a Boeing 737-2QD Advanced that the company had on lease from Itel.
Known as Air Congo until October 1971, Air Zaire is the national carrier of that country and has two 737-298C Advanced twin-jets in its mixed fleet.
Based in El Salvador, TACA International Airlines has a history of nearly 50 years operating in Central America. Its fleet is partly-owned, partly-leased, the Boeing 737-2Q8 Advanced depicted being in the latter category, on lease from ILFC.
Now the world's best-selling jetliner, the Boeing 737 has had only modest success in military roles. The most important military sale achieved to date was of 19 aircraft to the USAF, for use as navigation trainers with the designation T-43A.
The 737-300 is not yet available in kit form but many operators of the 737-200, including America West Airlines, now use the newer variant also.