Air Pictorial 1991-09
R.Jackson - Airport Movements
Boeing 707-324C D2-TOK, ex S7-2HM, was rolled out at Southend in the predominantly orange and black livery of Angola Air Charter on 12/7/1991. The aircraft, which arrived from Manston on 5/7 in Golden Horn livery, departed on delivery on 13/7.
De Havilland Canada's Dash 8 demonstrator C-FKCU night-stopped at Luton on 23/6/1991. En route from the Le Bourget to Canada, the machine was in full Air Dolomiti livery and carried the Paris Air Show number '29' on the nose
Another aircraft to carry the blue 'UN' marks is Zimex Aviation's Jetstream 31, HB-AEB, which visited Luton on 5/7/1991
Former BAC Charter Twin Otter G-DOSH had United Nations marks and Swiss Cross applied at Southend during July 1991. The machine will be operated in the Western Sahara, and left for Basle using a Farner Air Transport call-sign on 31/7.
SD3-60 SE-KEY, still in the blue, green and white livery of Swedish Airline Avia, was repainted as G-MAXW at Guernsey on 17/7/1991