Air Pictorial 1991-11
M.Ashley - Certain Shield 91
That long-serving workhorse of the US Army, the UH-1H Huey, supported Certain Shield. These Hueys bear the white cross markings which denote their assignment to the Visitors' Programme for the media coverage of Certain Shield.
Principal medium lift helicopter of the Heeresflieger is the Sikorsky CH-53G. This example is from Heeresflieger Regiment 15, based at Rheine-Bentlage, and which supplies air mobility for the troops of Luftlandebrigade 27.
Chinook HC.1 ZA708/BK of 18 Squadron carries the British flag worn by helicopters flying in support of the Kurdish Relief Operation.
Tactical landing by Gulf painted Chinook HC.1 ZA673/F of 18 Squadron.
Evidence of the value of the Puma's effective filter system attached to the rotor hub. The absorption of stubble debris is no hindrance to the Puma's performance in flight.
Puma HC.1 XW201/B still carries white invasion stripes from its Gulf service. This machine carries 240 OCU markings, but is at present attached to the Tactics and Trials Flight.
German paratroop run to board the Pumas which still have their rotors turning.